Wednesday, April 30, 2014

JAM compositions *___* (teamwork)

Several scenes from the "JAM", which i like ) plus some working material. Hope you like it))


Marcos B. Alvarado said...

awesome! I love the abstract shapes!

limbolo said...

Shushkoism... Splendid.

j.etienne said...

beautiful work as always

vitalik shu said...

Marcos- thank you! )

Limbolo- haha ) you to kind) Thank you!

Etienne- Thank you. I glad you like it )))

Nevena Nikolcheva NEN said...

I LOVE YOUR WORK ! you are just amazing ! got all the comix today and read 3 of them and I'm afraid of the day I read them all :/ please make at least 489568938 more apisodes !

Shaldrin Huffin said...

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